Testing the internet connectivity of the Lock

Modified on Mon, 17 Jan 2022 at 07:04 PM

You can see the Internet connection status on the main page of the Lock’s browser interface (“Status” page). If the data is not visible (“Internet connection: —“), reload the page or click the “Refresh” button next to the Lock’s name on the header. If the Lock’s software version is older than 2.2.2, please update the software first (see The updating of the Lock software).

You can also test the connection by plugging the ethernet cable that goes to the Lock into your computer and then verifying that the internet connection of the computer works.

The possible reasons for why the internet connection of the Lock is not functioning properly:

  • The Lock is in default settings but it is connected to the internet using the LAN3-port (Client mode). See Changing the Lock to Client mode
  • The Lock has not acquired an IP address from the network’s DHCP server. This can be verified on the Network page by checking that the “IPv4 address” field of the connection in use shows an IP address.
  • A gateway address has been set for the Lock’s LAN interface, but the Lock is not in Client mode. Please remove the gateway address.
  • The Lock is using a 3G modem that is not compatible with the Lock. See The deployment of USB modem in the Lock.
  • The Lock is using a 3G modem, but the PIN code or APN in the Lock’s 3G settings is incorrect. See The deployment of USB modem in the Lock.
  • If you have configured the network settings of the Lock manually, please make sure that they are correct.
  • The DHCP server in the network is configured so that the Lock is unable to acquire an IP address from it.
  • The network is using a proxy server to access the Internet. Set the proxy settings from Network > WAN proxy tab (requires Lock SW 3.1.0. or later. On older versions proxy servers are not supported).
  • The network is a Virtual LAN (VLAN). The Lock does not support VLANs at the moment.
  • The network cable or network switch used by the Lock is not working properly. Please try another cable or switch.
  • The network router used by the Lock is not working properly. Please reboot the router or try another one.