How to deploy a USB modem on the Lock

Modified on Tue, 29 May 2018 at 03:26 PM

Log in as the admin user, choose Network > USB modem in the sub menu. Either choose APN autoconfiguration (from Lock software version 2.12 onwards) or fill in the APN and the PIN info following the instructions of your operator and the settings of the SIM card. The other settings needn’t be changed in a normal situation. Click on Save in the end.

Please note! The APN depends on the operator, please check the APN that you need from your operator/service provider.

Supported 3G/4G modems
In addition to TOSIBOX® 3G and 4G modems, the TOSIBOX® Lock supports several Huawei basic models. HiLink versions of the Huawei modems are generally not supported.
In some rare cases, the functionality might also depend on the HW revision of the modem. If a supported modem doesn’t seem to work, please contact our technical support at support@tosibox.com. When the Lock is connected to a mobile network where only 2G is available, an external antenna must be used.
You can always buy Tosibox-compatible 3G and 4G modems directly from Tosibox by contacting sales@tosibox.com.

Automatic control and recovery of mobile data connections
A unique automatic control and recovery of mobile data connections has been developed for TOSIBOX® Lock called TosiOnline™. The full functionality is available from the software update published on 18th of January 2013.
TOSIBOX® Lock monitors the mobile data connection quality and functionality in real time. In case the functionality of the connection does not meet the requirements of the TosiOnline™ control, the automatic recovery of TOSIBOX® Lock fixes the connection automatically, whenever the mobile network is available. The automatic recovery performs both software and device level recovery actions. Software level automatic recovery has already been available in previous software updates. All Tosibox devices shipped from manufacturer after 1.1.2013 support also the device level automatic recovery. The device level recovery feature is supported by all TOSIBOX® Locks which MAC address does not start with 000f0212 or 000f011e.