Restoring factory settings on the Lock

Modified on Sat, 10 Jun 2023 at 11:51 AM

Restore Factory Settings on the Lock

Restore default settings is done on Settings > Reset and restore.

To restore factory settings click Restore default settings button. If wanted you can also restore admin password by selecting the Also restore admin password check box. Default admin password is printed on the product label at the bottom of the Lock. Restore factory settings is a one time operation. Be careful when doing this, it cannot be undone.

Default settings

Default Internet connectivity settings are:

  • WAN port ready to be connected with an Ethernet cable to a DHCP enabled network
  • WAN port protected by firewall
  • WLAN (also known as WiFi) disabled
  • External modem disabled

Default LAN side connectivity settings are:

  • LAN ports enabled and ready to connect OT devices
  • DHCP enabled (connected OT devices must be DHCP clients)
  • Routing enabled (you can connect OT devices to any LAN ports, and they can communicate with each other)
  • No firewall between the LAN ports (communication is not limited between the OT devices)
  • Internet access enabled for OT devices (your OT device can communicate to any internet service if needed)
  • Firewall blocking all incoming connection attempts from the Internet towards the LAN side (your OT devices are secured)
  • WLAN disabled