Is it safe to install a TOSIBOX® Lock in my company network?

Modified on Thu, 17 Mar 2022 at 08:28 AM

Yes, it is perfectly safe to install a TOSIBOX® Lock into an existing company or factory network. TOSIBOX® allows the selected devices within the network to be accessed remotely with fully secure connections. The Lock accepts remote connections only from the authorized TOSIBOX® devices (Keys or Mobile Clients) and all information that is transferred over the Internet is strongly encrypted. See Why Tosibox? for an overview of the benefits of TOSIBOX®.

As for the actual installation, there are two different ways to set up the network:

  1. Lock in gateway mode (default): The Lock is connected to the company network from its WAN port and the remote users can only access the devices in the Lock’s own protected LAN network. Access to company network is not allowed for remote users.
  2. Lock in client mode: The Lock is connected to the company network from its LAN port and the administrator can choose which parts or addresses of the company network are accessible for the remote users. These access rights restrictions are defined by enabling the IP/MAC filter feature on the Lock. The access rights can be defined separately even for every remote user if needed.

In both cases the Lock will use the company network to get access to the Internet. This usually doesn’t require any special configuration or firewall changes. The rule of thumb is that if you can access the Internet freely from your network, remote access with TOSIBOX® Lock will also work. Thanks to the patented connection method, TOSIBOX® is firewall and NAT friendly and typically no ports need to be opened on the company firewall for the VPN connection to work. 

With the Lock’s different settings, it is also possible to further restrict the communication within the company network. For example, the connections from Lock’s LAN network towards the Internet can be blocked, or the VPN connections from the Internet can be blocked or only allowed during a certain time period.