How to work with the WAN priority

Modified on Thu, 08 Jun 2023 at 03:10 PM


WAN priority is a Lock feature that allows configuring several redundant Internet connections that protect the Lock connectivity. If currently used connectivity goes down there is a fallback connection that takes over. The number of available priorities can vary depending on the model. Consult data sheet to confirm this. Note that cellular connectivity between SIM slot 1 and SIM slot 2 cannot be configured with WAN priority. 

WAN priority

Several redundant Internet connections can be used in the Lock:

  • WAN (fixed Ethernet, all models)
  • WLAN (WiFi)
  • USB modem
  • Internal modem

One of the connections can be selected as the main connection and the other connections can be set as fallback connections. In the event that the main connection is interrupted, the connection is automatically switched to preselected backup connection according to the priority setting (eg. WAN > WLAN > Internal Modem). The connection is switched back to the main connection once it is available again.

Downtime during the switch over is few seconds at best, connectivity is switched immediately to backup connection when network loss is detected on the main connection.

Configuring WAN priority

To take WAN priority in use open the Lock’s management interface and log in as admin user. Go to Network > WAN priority to open WAN priority page. By default WAN priority is not configured. To setup priorities configure the 1. WAN connection, 2. WAN connection and 3. WAN connection as needed, for example as in the screen shot below.

If you are using WLAN or external modem make sure the connection methods have been configured correctly and the connections actually work before using them as fallback. Make also sure each WAN connection is set to different connection. Otherwise fallback is not in use.

Other settings on WAN Priority page determine when the connection is considered dead. In a typical scenario these need not to be changed. Always test after changing the settings they are correct. To test WAN priorities unplug the Ethernet cable or unscrew the WLAN and modem antennas to see connectivity change.