How to update the Lock software

Modified on Sat, 10 Jun 2023 at 11:03 AM

Lock firmware should be updated regularly. It is recommended to have the automatic updates enabled. The Lock will check the updates at a specified time and install available firmware.

The Lock will need to have a valid DNS entry for the firmware update to work either via DHCP assignment or manually entered in the case of static address assignment (address, subnet mask, gateway, DNS).

HINT! If network does not have DNS readily available DNS address can be set to same as gateway. In many cases this will resolve the issue. 

Auto-update settings

  • Auto-update enabled: set the automatic updates on / off
  • Auto-update time window: set the hour when Lock will check for updates.
  • Timezone: set the Lock time zone to correspond to Lock location time zone so that updates are checked and installed at the right time.

Note: Starting from firmware release 5.0 all updates are installed if auto-update is selected. If device is powered off during the upgrade, there is a risk of bricking the device. Bricked device cannot be recovered. See note below about system upgrades prior to release 5.0.

Manual update settings

You can also install updates manually. This can be done by

  • logging in as admin and clicking Settings > Software update
  • After that click on the Start Software Update button under Manual Software update. (The button is not displayed if refresh/F5 page once. If still no button displayed updates are not available)
  • You will see the software update status progress bar next. When done, a message will be displayed on the page.
  • If the update will not succeed, there will be an error message visible on the page. This usually means that the internet connection of the Lock does not fully work. In this case please check first that the lock has valid DNS settings.

Note: Prior to release 5.0 system upgrade releases had to installed manually from Lock’s web user interface even if automatic updates were on. The upgrade typically takes around 5-15 minutes, depending on the speed of the Internet connection. As part of the upgrade, the Lock’s memory is re-flashed, which is why it is very important not to power off the Lock during the upgrade. All settings and serializations are preserved over the upgrade.