TOSIBOX® Lock And Siemens PLCs

Modified on Thu, 18 Aug 2022 at 06:05 PM

Some PLCs, such as Siemens SIMATIC S7-1200 series have certain requirements for some device functions. When using such device over a TOSIBOX® Lock remote connection, the following requirements apply:

  • TOSIBOX®Lock 100:
    • software version v2.11 or later
    • Allow VLAN 0 pass-through setting checked
    • You can find the setting from Settings -> Advanced Settings -> LAN access settings
  • TOSIBOX® Lock 200:
    • SW version 3.1.2 or later is required (no further configuration needed for Siemens devices)
  • TOSIBOX®Lock 150 or Lock 500 Series:
    • All versions supported
  • TOSIBOX®Key connection type: Layer 2 
    To change the setting:
    • Log in as admin
    • Open the Settings > Keys and Locks tab
    • From the list, find the Key you want to use for the PLC connections
    • Change Key Connection Type to Layer 2 (Note that Key needs static address for Layer 2 connection from Lock's LAN static range, if you have disabled Lock's LAN DHCP server.)
    • Uncheck the checkbox “Deny new IP connections towards this client”
    • Save
  • Adjust the protocols for Tosibox TAP-Windows Adapter, enabling
    • PROFINET IO protocol (DCP/LLDP)
    • SIMATIC Industrial Ethernet (ISO)
    • PROFINET IO RT-Protocol V2.3
  • If you get errors connecting to a Lock, change the settings as described here
  • After the Key is connected to the Lock, you must choose correct network interface from the Siemens PLC software (see the screenshot). If you have several remote connections to Locks open, the first Tosibox TAP adapter might not be the correct one.

Make sure to disconnect the Key connection, if connected, and then reconnect so that the connection is reformed at Layer 2 - your computer will receive a local address on the network.

Now you can search for the PLC and assign an IP address for it making sure it is from the same IP address space as set for the Lock LAN.