Windows says the Key needs to be formatted before it can be used


If you frequently unplug your Key without using the "Exit and eject Key" menu option, the partition table of the device can be corrupted.

Recommended action

First, try using the Key on another USB port of the computer and on another computer to see if the problem follows the Key. If problems exist on one computer only, the computer drivers may need to be updated.

In case the Key seems to be failing, follow these steps:

  1. Check that a backup of the Key files exists in C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Local\Tosibox Oy\TosiboxKey\token-xxxxx where xxxxx is the Key number.  If the directory does not exist skip to step 3.
  2. Copy the entire folder to another location for back-up
  3. Format the Key as suggested by Windows
  4. After the format has completed, create a folder .tosibox on the Key flash drive (on Windows you need to name the folder “.tosibox.” i.e. dot-tosibox-dot, Windows will strip out the dot at the end)
  5. Create a text file in the .tosibox folder and rename it common_name
  6. Open the text file and type token-XXXXX where XXXXX is the key number (disregard any letters preceding the key number).  Save the file and close.
  7. Remove the .txt file extension. 
    1. In Windows 10 select the File Name Extensions feature from the View Menu.
  8. Eject the key and Reinsert
  9. The Key software will copy the backup contents to the folder on the drive and the Key should be usable again.
  10. If necessary AND IF YOU HAVE THE PUK CODE associated with the key, input the password incorrectly until the Tosibox software requires you to create a new password using the PUK code.