To activate SoftKey on a PC or Mac, you will need:

  • SoftKey license for the master Key – please contact our sales to purchase one
  • Key SW v3.0.0 or later both on the master Key and the client computer – see download instructions here

Also, to connect to Locks with SoftKey, the software on the Lock needs to support SoftKeys. SoftKey is supported from these versions onwards:

  • Lock 100 and Lock 200: SW v3.3.0
  • Central Lock and Virtual Central Lock: SW v2.3.0


The activation process has three steps as outlined below:

1. On master Key: generate activation code

  • Go to Devices > Manage Keys > Add Key, and add a new Key of type “SoftKey” and give it a name
  • An activation code will be generated, send it over to the end user who shall activate and use the SoftKey client

2. On client computer: activate SoftKey

  • Make sure TOSIBOX® Key software v3.0.0 or later is installed on the PC. Start the software.
  • Activate the SoftKey by choosing Devices > Activate SoftKey and entering the received activation code

3. On Master Key: confirm SoftKey

  • Confirm the activation from the pop-up dialog
  • Define access rights for the new SoftKey by following the wizard

The SoftKey is now ready for use and can connect to the Locks to which access was granted in step 3.


The Steps how to remove Softkey:

1. On master Key: Remove softkey

  • Go to Devices > Manage Keys > Pick your Softkey and  click Remove

Next time Client Computer log´s in to SoftKey it will be removed