Windows Blue Screen when starting Key software

Modified on Tue, 21 Jun 2022 at 03:22 PM


Windows crashes to Blue Screen when connecting to a Lock from Key software


The problem is in most cases caused by additional network protocols that have been added for the Tosibox TAP-Windows Adapter by 3rd party software. 

Can be caused by a bug in Siemens TIA portal v17. This can be fixed by updating to Siemens TIA portal v17.1.

Recommended action

This issue has been mitigated in Key SW v2.14.6, and later, therefore we recommend updating the Key software.

If updating Key SW does not resolve the issue, the solution is to disable all unnecessary protocols from Tosibox TAP-Windows Adapter. These protocols include at least:

Open "Network and Sharing Center", select "Change adapter settings" and go through all Tosibox TAP-Windows adapters:
right-click on the adapter, select "Properties" and deselect all unnecessary protocols on the adapter.