How to connect from VM via AWS VCL to Locks LAN

Modified on Thu, 08 Apr 2021 at 04:37 PM

Here is information how to connect VMs on the AWS to the VCL. 

VCL configuration:

Important: VCL WAN and LAN interfaces have to be in different subnets! It is not allowed to use same subnet!

After new VCL installation first to do is to delete the VCL LAN interface after VCL installation and add a new one (the pre-installed is a not working interface)

Then add an access group in VCL with your Keys and Locks and LAN-network (the new created one).
Make sure you tick the buttons for Keys and Locks can communicate to each other (if needed).
Connection from the Locks and Keys to the VCL can be Layer 2 or 3.

Connect VMs to the VCL in Amazon AWS:


  • Existing VPC (Virtual Private Cloud)
  • 2x Subnets in VPC for Wan and LAN.
  • 2x Network interfaces for WAN and LAN
    • Most likely  Private subnet for LAN, no internet gateway.  As VCL with WAN-subnet will work as a gateway. Wan-subnet requires internet gateway to work.
  • Availability zone.
  • Security groups for WAN and LAN.

VPCs and subnets

Getting started with Amazon VPC

Internet Gateway

Create a Private Subnet

LAN network settings

Do not connect LAN site to same Subnet as WAN. Overlapping networks will cause routing and other networking issues.
Start configure  WAN-security group and setting up LAN with Network interface and proper subnet.

Lan adapter settings - important!

After Lan site adapter is attached, "Source / Destination check" has to be disabled for LAN adapter.
From instance view, select VCL -> Networking -> Click one of the Network interface ID´s.
New view should open, from here uncheck WAN-interface and check LAN interface.
Click "Actions" click "Change Source/Dest. Check", select "Disable".

This will allow traffic to flow towards Physical Locks from VCL Lan Virtual Machines.