How to connect VM's in VNet’s via Microsoft Azure to VCL's Locks LAN

Modified on Fri, 22 Jan 2021 at 06:21 PM



Step by step: How to configure Communication between two VNets with VMs and VCL and Network behind VCL/Locks

VNET1 (demovhdvmVNET) with VCL (demovhdvm) and VM (Win10):

VNET2 (demovhdvmVNET2) with VM (Win20):

Configure VNET peering:

VCL - configure Static route:  – please check Gateway: this is IP address of subnet2 (the one the VCL is in):

Add static route to route table to default subnet in VNET2 (demovhdvmVNET2): to point to the Locks network behind the VCL:

 Enable ip forwarding in VCL network card (nicVCLlan):