1. Requirements

A supported virtualisation platform based on one of the following:

  • VMWare vSphere/ESXi v5.0 or later
  • Microsoft Hyper-V
  • Linux KVM
  • Microsoft Azure Cloud
  • Amazon AWS Cloud

A supported cloud platform based on one of the following:

  • Microsoft Azure Cloud
  • Amazon AWS Cloud

The common requirements for all virtualisation/cloud platforms are:

  • x86-64 processor architecture, two or more CPU cores
  • Minimum of 4 GB of RAM
  • Minimum of  16 GB of permanent storage (HDD or SSD) / Cloud installation min. 18 GB
  • Two or more network interfaces for the virtual machine (one WAN connection + at least one LAN connection)
  • One non-firewalled public IP address
  • At least 10/10 Mbit/s Internet connection

In order to install and setup the TOSIBOX® Virtual Central Lock, you will also need:

  • Internet connectivity to download the TOSIBOX® Virtual Central Lock VM image
  • License key that was delivered to you upon the purchase or VCL Lite registration

Important: VCL WAN and LAN interfaces have to be in different subnets! It is not allowed to use same subnet!

TOSIBOX® technology is covered by US Patents US8831020. Patents pending US14/119753, US14/370872, US14/390153