How to Activate Lock for Container

Modified on Thu, 19 May 2022 at 04:33 PM

TOSIBOX® Lock for Container must be activated before you can create secure remote connections.

1.     Summary of activation steps

  • Open the web user interface to the Lock for Container running on your device.
  • Activate Lock for Container with the Activation Code provided by Tosibox.
  • Log in to the web user interface with the default credentials.
  • Create the Remote Matching Code.
  • Use the Remote Matching functionality on the TOSIBOX® Key Client to add the Lock for Container to your TOSIBOX® network.
  • Grant access rights.

2 .     Open the Lock for Container web user interface

  • Open a web browser and type in the device IP address followed with port 8000: http://<addess>:8000
  • If TOSIBOX® Lock for Container is installed on the default IP address, the web user interface is accessible also at

3.     Activate TOSIBOX® Lock for Container

  • Look for the “Activation required” message on the Status area on the left in the web user interface. 
  • Click the “Activation required” link to open the activation page. 
  • Activate the Lock for Container by copying or typing in the Activation Code and click the Activate button.


Figure8: TOSIBOX®Lock for Container activation page


  • Additional software components are downloaded and “Activation completed” appears on the screen. The Lock for Container is now ready for use.  
  • If activation fails, double-check the Activation Code, correct possible errors and try again.

4.      Log in to the web user interface

  • Once TOSIBOX®Lock for Container is activated you can login to the web user interface. Click the Login link on the menu bar. Default credentials are
    • Username: admin
    • Password: admin

You must accept EULA before you can use TOSIBOX®Lock for Container.

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