1   Installation

TOSIBOX® Lock for Container is installed with an installation script. The script is a plain text file that needs to be executed on the device where the Lock for Container is hosted. Docker must be installed prior to installing TOSIBOX® Lock for Container.

Installation steps

  • Download and install Docker free of charge, see www.docker.com.
  • Download TOSIBOX® Lock for Container installation script file to your device.
  • Install the Lock for Container by running the installation script.

1.1     Docker installation

Download and install Docker

Docker is available for a wide variety of operating systems and devices. See www.docker.com for downloading and installing on your device.

1.2      Download the installation file

  • Open a web browser and navigate to www.tosibox.com/documentation-and-downloads/
  • Scroll down and look for tosibox-lock.shfile. This is the Linux installation script file you need on your device. 
  • Download the file on your desktop.

1.3      Copy the installation file to your device and change the file mode

  • Make sure you have the installation script file readily available. Copy the installation file to your IoT device, for example with SCP, FTP, using wget command or transfer on an SD card.
  • Verify the file: Execute ls -lon the command line and see if the file is executable. If the file is missing the executable property (last x in -rwxr-xr-x), change it with the chmod command.

Figure7: Example of changing file mode to executable on Linux

1.4     Install Lock for Container

TOSIBOX® Lock for Container is installed with the installation script file. The installation process walks through the steps and asks for relevant settings. 

Execute the script with the install parameter  #./tosibox-lock.sh install

Note that you will need Internet access during the installation process. The installation will download the needed software components.

How to Activate Lock for Container.

How to uninstall Lock for Container.