How to set up Lock – Sub Lock Connection

Modified on Mon, 21 Feb 2022 at 08:48 AM

Users can create direct point-to-point connections between two Tosibox Locks by creating a Lock - Sub Lock Connection. These point-to-point connections are strictly Layer 2.  Reminder: Layer 2 requires the devices on each side of the connection to reside in the same network range.

First you have to have at least two locks serialized with your Key

  • From the Key Software click on Devices menu and select “Connect Locks”

  • Select at least two locks to serialize to each other

  • Select which device will remain as Lock (the other one(s) will become sublocks)

  • Confirm and now Locks have been serialized as Lock and Sublock. The Sublock LAN becomes unmanaged and all settings are provided by the Lock.