TOSIBOX® Lock 100 (TBL1EU, TBL1UK, TBL1AU, TBL1US) End of Sale (EOS) Notification

Modified on Wed, 04 Oct 2023 at 09:12 AM

25.3.2019 TOSIBOX® Lock 100 (product codes TBL1EU, TBL1UK, TBL1AU, TBL1US) sales will be discontinued on 30-Jun-2019. Customer orders placed before this date will be delivered as usual. After this End of Sale -date TOSIBOX® Lock 100 will be removed from pricelist and it will be no longer available for new orders. TOSIBOX® Lock 100 will stay functional and supported with all existing Tosibox® products also in the future. For more detailed information, please consult your local TOSIBOX® sales representative or Customer Support.

Replacing products, TOSIBOX® 175 and TOSIBOX® 610, 650, 670, 675 are recommended for all orders.

Company Internal Notification (CIN) 1-3 months prior to EoSN CIN notification contains planned dates and activities for TOSIBOX® products End of Life procedure. CIN is announced for a discontinued product 1 to 3 months prior to the End of Sale (Eos) notification.1.1.2019
End-of-Sale Notification (EoSN) Period 3-6 months prior to EoSEoSN notification defines the day after which a TOSIBOX® product is no longer available for purchase from Tosibox OY. End of Sale date is announced for a product 3 to 6 months prior to the effective date. The discontinued products will not be available for quotes after the discontinuance date.25.3.2019
Last Service/Repair Contract Renewal Date (LSRCRD) Last Service/Repair Contract Renewal Date is the date after which service contracts cannot be extended or renewed. Support services or contract updates purchased prior to EoS notification can be assigned to affected products.N/A
End of Sales30.6.2019 or as long as available from the the stock
Last Hardware Ship Date (LHWSD) 1 month from EoSLast Hardware Ship Date defines last date when hardware product can be shipped from Tosibox OY. Defined as 1 month from EoSN. Actual ship date is dependent on lead time.31.7.2019 or as long as available from the the stock
End of Repair/Replacement Service  (EoRMA) 2 - 3 years from EoSAfter End of Repair/Replacement Service date the affected products' service or repair contracts are no longer valid. Defined as 2 years from LHWSD directly to customer or 3 years from LHWSD to Distributor.30.6.2022
End of Product Support – HW&SW (EoPS) 5 years from EoSEnd of Product Support is the date after which hardware or software engineering support will no longer be available. This date is generally 5 years from the End of Sale date. Security patches and other critical system software fixes will be made available during this time on Tosibox’s discretion.30.6.2024