How is NTP used in Tosibox Locks and VCL?

Modified on Mon, 14 Sep 2020 at 12:17 PM

NTP purpose: 
-Tosibox Lock/VCL Client: Lock and VCL will get NTP time from Matchmaker when connection is up.
-Tosibox Lock/VCL Server: to enable network devices in Lock's LAN (e.g. security cameras) to synchronize their clocks from the Lock

Tosibox's NTP server and public NTP servers are provided by NTP Pool Project pool.ntp.org

We have a "tosibox" vendor pool from pool.ntp.org

DNS entries: 0.tosibox.pool.ntp.org, 1.tosibox.pool.ntp.org, 2.tosibox.pool.ntp.org, 3.tosibox.pool.ntp.org
TOSIBOX devices are configured to use servers:
1.ntp.tosibox.com - (hetzer virtual)
2.ntp.tosibox.com - CNAME 2.tosibox.pool.ntp.org
3.ntp.tosibox.com - CNAME 3.tosibox.pool.ntp.org
=> requires working DNS

NTP accuracy:

NTP is running with default settings: poll interval is automatically controlled and can vary between 64 and 1024 seconds

NTP service is a self learning service based on time accuracy. Poll intervall will be longer when time stays accurate and shorter if there is a bigger time error.