• VM and VCL attached to same Azure Virtual network
  • Subnet created for LAN
  • Azure VCL and VM attached to same subnet
  • Ping between VM and Azure VCL works
  • Azure VCL Lan and Lock(s) In same Access Group
  • Layer3 Connected Lock

Usually it is desired to have connection from TOSIBOX® Virtual Central Lock LAN to connected Layer3 Lock´s LAN network.

In Azure users have to create specific Routes for connection to work. Connection in Lan between VCL and VM will work without manual routes.

But connection from VM, in this case Windows 10, towards Lock´s LAN via VCL requires the route.

Lock LAN:

Lan between VM and VCL:

Azure will reserver first 5 addresses. 

VCL Lan interface IP-address:

In Azure control panel, Go to your Resource Group. Create new [Route Table] and give it a name.

After [Route Table] is created go to your Resource Group and find your [Route Table], open it and go to: Routes.

Klick +ADD and create route.

  1. Give Route a name, if this is a single route to single Lock, Lock Mac address may be good telling name.
  2. Address prefix, is the network you want to route to, in this case LAN network behind Layer3 Lock.
  3. Next Hop type, choose Virtual Appliance.
  4. Next Hop Address, give VCL LAN IP-address

Next go to Subnets, under [Route Table]. Click +Associate

Select Correct Virtual Network, then select correct subnet.

At this point Routing from VM-Windows to Lock-Lan will work.

If you do not want to create Own route to every Lock in this LAN, you can create larger route for example: But for this to work, Lock LAN has to fit under this large network. If Lock LAN cannot be changed 1:1 Nat is available for use.