How to create Access Groups

Modified on Thu, 04 Jun 2020 at 12:24 PM

For this article we use example VCL with local network and two connected Locks with some devices.

Here is arcticle how to connect Locks to VCL;


Access Group for Master and Backup Key 

Access group for Keys that can have free access to Locks. Keys and Locks in this group has also access to Internet and VCL WebUI. Also traffic between Locks #1 and #2 is allowed.

If Master and Backup Key and Locks is allowed to have access to local network behind VCL, choose correct LAN from "Interface" section.

View from Backup Key side;


Access Group for Sub Key

Access group for Sub Key that can have only access to one Lock. Key and Lock in this group doesn't have access to Internet or VCL WebUI.

If Key is allowed to have access only to one device, don't choose Lock to access group, type only device's address to "IP addresses".

View from Sub Key side;

Beside these basic access features you can also choose default rules for future Locks and Keys. 

This way connected Locks or Keys will automatically be assigned for certain Access group.