How to add VLAN on Virtual Central Lock

Modified on Mon, 19 Nov 2018 at 01:08 PM

Central Lock and Virtual Central Lock can be configured to connect to existing VLANs via any of the physical LAN ports.

Configuration is available from Network > VLANs tab.

To add a new VLAN interface, open the Network > VLANs page and click Add

Then, set the interface name, select the physical LAN port and VLAN tag
(an integer between 1 and 4094). Finally, click Submit.

Next, set the IP address and netmask used by the Central Lock in this VLAN and define
DHCP settings if needed.

Finally, accept the settings by clicking on Save button down the page.
Now the Network > VLANs page summarizes the configured VLAN interfaces and their settings.