You can connect to the Lock via its service port when needed. The settings of the Lock don’t have an effect on the functioning of the service port.

  • Set up the computer’s network interface as DHCP client (IP address is searched for automatically).
  • Connect the computer to the Lock’s service port using an ethernet cable.
  • Wait until the computer searches for the network settings.
  • After this you can connect to the Lock by typing the following address in your browser:

On Lock 500/250/210, LAN3 port can be configured as Service port by pressing the reset button for 5 seconds when there is

no cable in LAN3. When completed, the Internet status LED will blink for three seconds. Reconnect the cable to LAN 3 and the Lock Management Interface can then be accessed by entering on the address bar of your browser. Assigning the port back to LAN range can be done following the same procedure or by restarting the device.

If there is an issue and you cannot connect please try setting a static address on your PC as follows: