How to change LAN IP address space settings

Modified on Wed, 13 Jan 2021 at 02:02 PM

If you need to make changes to LAN IP address space on the Lock, it is recommended you do so locally from the Service port. If you change these settings remotely, after saving the new settings the device needs to be rebooted on-site.

Connecting device(s) with Fixed IP addresses by configuring the LOCK to the DEVICE: 

  1. Get the device(s’) IP address(es) and netmask. 

  2. Connect your PC to the Lock’s service port and log in following the step 1 on page 17 “Updating the Lock software”. 

  3. Go to Network -> LAN and change the IP address in the “IPv4 address” field to the next IP address above the IP address of the device (step 1). Also check that the “IPv4 netmask” field corresponds to the netmask set on the device and change it if necessary. 

  4. Plug the device(s) into the Lock’s LAN port(s) and go! 

  5. ADVANCED/ENTERPRISE USERS ONLY: Go to Network -> LAN DHCP SERVER and set the “Start” value so that it’s higher than all used static addresses. Set the limit value to a suitable value so that it covers the rest of the unused addresses in the LAN range. For example, the range – contains 205 addresses so the “Start” value would be 50 and the “Limit”value would be 205.