Connecting to Network Devices on Lock WAN from a PC with Key

Modified on Wed, 30 May 2018 at 12:18 PM

Sometimes it is necessary to have a connection from the PC with Key to a specific device on WAN interface of the Lock. For example the PC needs an access to a server or printer connected to WAN network.

When the PC connects to the Lock via Key, the following set-up will tell the PC that the IP address is to be routed to the Lock in addition to traffic to lock LAN IP address range. All other traffic is handled by the default gateway of the PC network. 

Here’s how to add a route via the lock to the server/printer


  • Key connection type is “Layer 3 – routed”
  • Lock connected from WAN to company network.
    • Lock WAN IP /
    • WAN gateway IP
    • Server to be accessed has IP
  • Lock LAN IP /
    • on Settings > Advanced settings scroll down to "Internet access rights": 
      • enter as the target to field “IP addresses to be accessible through Locks WAN or USB modem connection”
      • press “Save”

If you need similar setup when Key connection type is set to “Layer 2 – bridged” you can issue the command

route add mask 

on command prompt.