How to add static routes to Lock

Modified on Mon, 21 Feb 2022 at 08:54 AM

If you need access via the Key to another network or a specific device (as in this example) on a network that is connected to Lock’s LAN network, you can define static routes to the Lock.

In the image

  • Key can connect to Lock and can see Server B and also communicate to Printer A (Connection type for Key is set to Layer 3 on lock). The Printer A will not show up on the Lock device list though, as it is on another network.
  • Server B can connect to Printer A.
  • Server B can not connect to Server C or Workstation B as the netmask limits the route to the IP address of Printer A only.
  • Workstation A and Server A can not connect to Server C, Printer A or Workstation B

  • Go to Network > Static routes, Click “Add”
  • Select interface “lan” from the dropdown list, give the IP address ( in the example) and netmask ( in the example) and finally the gateway ( in the example)
  • Click “Save”