Key software shows error message on nvspbind.exe failing

Modified on Thu, 03 May 2018 at 10:13 AM

This issue may come up on (mainly on Windows 10 OS) with Key software version older than 2.13.9


The solution is to get another version of the nvspbind.exe from Microsoft TechNet and copy it to C:Program Files(x86)\Tosibox\Bin or C:Program Files\Tosibox\bin depending on your OS architecture.
There are three variations:

  1. Microsoft_Nvspbind_package.EXE is the standard 64 bit version for server core.
  2. 32bit_Nvspbind_package.EXE is a 32 bit version that works on Vista and newer.
  3. XP_Nvspbind_package.EXE is a reduced functionality 32 bit version that works on XP and newer.

We suggest trying first with the 32 bit version, then with the 64 bit if the first one does not solve this.