How much bandwidth does the Lock consume?

Modified on Tue, 29 May 2018 at 08:05 PM

The Lock’s average idle data consumption is about 540 kiB per day when using a USB modem (incoming and outgoing data combined). This figure is an estimate and it includes traffic caused by the Lock itself (e.g. TosiOnline™ functionality and checking for SW updates) as well as some random unwanted traffic (see below). This information (combined with the required VPN data usage) should be taken into account when choosing a data plan for your mobile subscription.


Even when the Lock is idle (no VPN connected) the TosiOnline™ functionality will periodically test and monitor the state and quality of the Internet connection(s). This causes a minimal addition to data consumption but is required to ensure fast recovery in problem situations.

Unwanted Traffic

Please note that in all Internet connections with a public IP address there will be some amount of unwanted traffic from the Internet and this may add up on your mobile charges. This is true even though TOSIBOX® Lock silently discards all such traffic. Also the devices in the Lock’s LAN – especially PCs – may connect to the Internet to check for updates etc. which may cause additional charges.

This information is valid for Lock 100 and 200 with SW v3.1.0 or later.