What ports do I need to open for TOSIBOX® to work?

Modified on Thu, 11 May 2023 at 12:31 AM

In most cases, using TOSIBOX® products does not require any changes to existing firewalls or ports to be opened. However, in some special scenarios, where outgoing connectivity is restricted or completely blocked, some ports must be opened. The information below is provided as a reference for such cases.

Lock and Key

Latest Lock and Key software use the following ports. All of these might change in later software versions.

  • Outgoing TCP ports: 80, 443, 8000, 29000, 57051
  • Outgoing UDP ports: random, 1-65535

At least one of the TCP ports need to be open for the devices to work. 

For best performance:

  • The outgoing UDP ports should not be blocked.
  • UDP ports should be 1-to-1 across the firewall.  
    • If UDP ports are changed across the firewall, this can result in a slower relayed TCP connection

For Mobile Clients on iPhone all Outgoing UDP ports must be open.

Both Lock and Key can also be configured to connect to the Internet via an HTTP proxy.

Central Lock and Virtual Central Lock

All IP connections must be non-restricted towards and from (Virtual) Central Lock. Central Lock has an internal firewall and the publicly open services are hardened so another layer of firewalling does not give extra protection, and might only cause connectivity problems.