Problems caused by overlapping IP addresses

Modified on Mon, 11 Jun 2018 at 09:30 AM


Key software connects to a Lock, but shows warning on overlapping IP addresses


The problem is usually caused by the following network configurations:

  • The LAN network of the Lock is configured to match the IP address space of the Key user’s intranet
  • The LAN interface of the Lock is configured to match another network device on the same network

Recommended actions

The safest way to avoid these problems is to you use the default unique IP addresses (also printed on the sticker that is attached to the bottom of the Tosibox device).

In case you need to configure the Lock to existing network, make sure that

  1. the Device network (Lock LAN) does not overlap with Site LAN network (Lock WAN)
  2. the network at the site where Key is used (Office LAN Network) should not overlap with Device network (Lock LAN)

Another solution is to set the Lock in Client mode, making it then one of the devices in the local network together with any other network devices. In this configuration the Lock is only connected from LAN to the Site network and point 2 above should still be observed.

When using Layer 3 connections, You can also set up the 1:1 NAT on Lock to get around problems caused by overlapping IP addresses.