Multiple Mobile Clients to one Key

Modified on Sat, 10 Jun 2023 at 12:06 PM

TOSIBOX® Key can have unlimited number of licenses for Mobile Client. Each Mobile Client can be assigned to a specific users' Key. This means that you can have multiple Mobile Clients on a Key, i.e. several different mobile devices with TOSIBOX® Mobile Client installed can be matched to a single Key. Note that you cannot match your Mobile Client to multiple Keys at the same time.

You can purchase more licenses by contacting your nearest Tosibox representative, or see article How to contact Tosibox Sales.

Removing access from a Key on a specific Lock removes also all Mobile Clients attached to this Key from the Lock.

Mobile Clients are reusable. After removing a Mobile Client via the Key software you can match another mobile device with TOSIBOX® Mobile Client installed to the Key.