How to onboard a network to TosiControl

Modified on Tue, 19 Dec 2023 at 08:15 AM

Follow the steps below to onboard a network to TosiControl.

  1. Open Tosibox Key on your Windows or Mac laptop with the master key plugged in. Enter the password for your master key.
  2. In Tosibox Key, click Login to TOSICONTROL to login to TosiControl as the owner or admin user.
  3. Enter your login credentials for TosiControl and click Login.
  4. When you are logged into TosiControl, start onboarding by clicking Onboard to TOSICONTROL.
  5. Select the organization where you want to add your network and initiate the onboarding process by clicking Start onboarding.
  6. Click Yes when prompted to confirm the onboarding of the network to the selected organization with your master key.
  7. The network onboarding process will complete shortly.