v2.6.1 – release date 2023-08-22 (Virtual Central Lock only)

Modified on Wed, 23 Aug 2023 at 09:39 AM

Supported virtualization platforms

  • VMWare vSphere/ESXi v7.0 GA
  • Microsoft Hyper-V on Windows Server 2016 and 2019
  • Linux KVM
  • Microsoft Azure Cloud
  • Amazon AWS Cloud

Support for TosiControl management UI


Virtual Central Lock is a central component in network management with TosiControl. Access controls created with the Access Groups can be monitored on TosiControl. Virtual Central Lock also sends a list of network elements and their status information for centralized device management. TosiControl integration requires explicit user approval on the Advanced Settings page.


IP-to-IP mode

IP-to-IP mode allows creating connections on IP level from the LAN side of one Node to the LAN side of another Node. With the IP-to-IP mode it is possible to limit access between the LAN side devices even if there are more devices present on the Node LANs. IP-to-IP mode is an extension of Access Groups.


Stability and scalability improvements

Especially large but also smaller Virtual Central Lock deployments gain performance improvement from improved memory management and enhanced file system and internal routines.



  • Improved robustness and bug fixes to Access Groups
  • Tightened firewall rules for DHCP
  • Fixed stability issue with Nodes where 1:1 NAT is used
  • Fixed rare issue where NTP service failed to start
  • Improved robustness for software update process
  • Latest underlaying OS security and 3rd party library updates