Lock does not serialize with Key

Modified on Thu, 08 Jun 2023 at 02:00 PM

In the event that the Key and Lock do not serialize please ensure that both are using the latest firmware:




Also ensure that the Lock does not already have a Key serialized to it. This will be listed on the status page of the Lock web user interface.

Physical matching is limited to Master Keys only. Sub Keys are not allowed to physically match Nodes. Trying to physically match a Node will result in error message on Key UI.

β€œAn earlier physical matching with Lock <ID> failed: Serializing new Locks is not allowed for Sub Keys.”

If a physical Key device is Master Key (used to match Nodes) it can be given Sub Key rights to another network and the Key device can be used to match Nodes for the network where it is the Master Key. When a Key is made Sub Key it cannot become Master Key after this (cannot match Nodes). Order of creation is meaningful.